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The role of NPO Transition Japan is to support the Transition Network in Japan and to encourage and develop the Transition Movement in Japan.


Transition Japan was launched in June 2008 with the aim of starting the Transition Movement, which began in England, in Japan. We went on to establish various kinds of foundations, for example, by producing explanatory materials designed for Japan, holding explanatory meetings and training events, translating guidelines, and publicising information online. In June 2009 we received the status of a Non-Profit Organisation.

As a result, Transition Towns began in three areas of Japan: Fujino, Hayama and Koganei. Two years after the launch of Transition Japan, in July 2010, there were fifteen Transition Towns in Japan. Then, with the opportunity afforded by the end of the original committee’s term, and a new committee’s election, we moved from the stage of foundation-building to a new stage of organisation.

Now in January 2011, Transition Japan, which is centred on the committee (formed of the leaders of regional Transition Towns) and the staff of the working groups, is engaging with various activities, in order to support the network of people involved in Transition, and further encourage and develop its presence in Japan.

■The Structure of Transition Japan

◆Network members

This is the network of people who are co-creating the Transition Town in their own area, who would like to start a Transition Town, or people sympathetic to Transition who have a desire to collaborate with us in any way. Information is shared through a mailing list, and each year two meetings and several gatherings are held.


Facilitators are responsible for sharing information within the Transition Network – passing on each Transition Town’s current news and requests to Transition Japan, and within their TT sharing all the latest international and national Transition news from Transition Japan. They create the Transition Network’s characteristic strength, a flow of ‘horizontal’ relationships and connections. This is an important role with great practical significance.

◆ Directors (Non-Profit Organisation Committee)

Directors are responsible for expressing the vision and course of action of the Transition Movement in Japan; and at the same time as transmitting this to the Transition Network members in each local TT, taking up opinions and ideas from the local TT and its members, and incorporating them into Transition’s vision and activities. They are elected from among the members who are currently active in each local TT, and also play a central role in the planning and administration of events and seminars held by Transition Japan.。

There are currently thirteen directors. Their term of office is two years from July 2012 to June 2014.

◆Supporters (Members of the Non-Profit Organisation)

★Supporters have been established

The Supporter role has been newly established, to facilitate the involvement of those people who kindly say they would like to support the administration and/or participants of a particular Transition activity, or who are sympathetic to such activities and wish to make a contribution.

We will make use of these contributions in our office management, for example in e-magazine updates, website administration, administration of Transition Japan events, correspondence with each local TT, and the production of leaflets.

The four types of membership are: Supporter Member, Normal Member, Individual Patron, and Group Patron.

We would like to encourage those people who are involved in Transition activities and would like to support them, but who are not yet members, to consider Support Membership. (Supporter members cannot vote in General Meetings).

To those people who wish to support Transition Japan’s management, we suggest Normal Membership. (Normal members can vote in General Meetings).

To those people who wish to support Transition Japan financially, we suggest Patron Membership (Individual Patron or Group Patron). (Patrons can vote in General Meetings).

Annual membership Fees:
Supporter Member – 1,200 yen
Normal Member – 5,000 yen
Individual Patron – 10,000 yen (or a multiple of 10,000 yen)
Group Patron – 50,000 yen (or a multiple of 50,000 yen)

Advantages of Supporter Membership
- discounts at Transition Japan events
- discounts on TJ merchandise (DVDs and the forthcoming booklet, etc.)
- membership certificate
- all the news from membership in the TJ mailing list

Please note: Supporter membership runs from January to December. The membership fee is fixed and does not change based on the date of joining.

Please send applications and enquiries to:
transitionjp☆gmail. com (change ☆ into @ to send the email)

■Members of Transition Japan (December 2012)

◆Directors (Committee))

Yoshida Shunro (TT Minamiaso) Co-chair
Koyama Mikae (TT Fujino) Co-chair
Nakazono Junko (TT Okinawa & Itoman) Deputy Chair
Kato Shunji (TT Shitamachi) Deputy Chair
Kato Hisato (TT Takao) Director
Kajima Yoichi (TT Koganei) Director
Tsutsui Akiko (TT Osaka) Director
Maeda Keiko (TT Tama) Director
Paul Shepherd (TT Tokyo and Chiba) Director
Kato Daigo (TT Miyako) Director
Ikebe Junichi (TT Fujino) Director
Sekino Nae (Nihon University TT Researcher) Director
Yamada Takahiro (TT Fujino) Manager


NPO Transition Japan Office
Bokuya 6705

Official Website

Email address
transitionjp☆gmail. com (change ☆ into @ to send the email)